You’ll find skilled practitioners and state-of-the-art medical technology at Rutland-Dryer Integrated Health in Columbus, Ohio. More importantly, you’ll receive a unique approach to health and wellness; one that strives to create lasting partnerships between providers and patients that positively impacts every aspect of your life.

Patients are more than just a collection of symptoms, which is why the Rutland-Dryer Integrated Health team offers customized treatment plans. From the time you first schedule your appointment until you leave the office, they treat you like a valued part of the practice’s family.

Rutland-Dryer Integrated Health is a health and wellness center with a holistic approach, meaning that they attend to mind, body, and spirit. This practice philosophy has drawn some of the best health care providers in the region, including nurse practitioners, medical assistants, support staff, and an excellent supervising physician.

Services at Rutland-Dryer Integrated Health consist of men’s and women’s health, disease treatment and management, routine physical exams, and specialty exams for school, sports, or work. Your provider helps you reach and sustain your personal health and wellness goals by establishing a trustworthy partnership, no matter your stage of life.

About Merit

Ms. Rutland is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner who provides care for individuals 13 and over. She received her education from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in Biology as well as a Bachelor of Nursing from Mt Carmel College of Nursing. She was awarded a Master of Nursing Practice from The Ohio State University. She received her Board certification from the ANCC and is a member of the AANP. In addition to managing the clinical side of Rutland-Dryer Integrated Health, she serves as adjunct faculty to The Ohio State University College of Nursing and Chamberlain College of Nursing.

Ms. Rutland specializes in internal medicine including management and care coordination of puzzling medical conditions, chronic illnesses, and caring for patients with more than one disease. She also specializes in women and men’s health and general primary care.

Ms. Rutland has always believed care should be holistic and motivational. As such, she encourages patients to be active participants in their own care by supporting them in their “healthy life” goals.

Ms. Rutland lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Gregory. She enjoys spending time with her natural family, her church family, and outdoor activities. She and her husband also love to travel and enjoy interacting with other cultures.

Dr. Audra Hanners, DNP, APRN-CNP, EBP-C, CKNS

“My goal is to help you get well, live well and stay well so you can enjoy everyday life”

Dr. Audra Hanners, DNP is a family nurse practitioner with extensive experience in community health and wellness. She is a Certified in Evidence-Based practice (EBP-C) and as a Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS). Her passion is to partner with patients to help them discover unique health and wellness solutions that are customized to their preferences and lifestyle. She believes there is no one-size fits all health plan and that true healthy living comes as a result of engaging her clients in their own health and well-being. The foundation of good health starts with nutrition and extends to other lifestyle modifications. Her practice takes a holistic family approach to care in helping clients establish good nutritional habits that can help lead to disease recovery, medication reduction or elimination.

Dr. Hanners received her family nurse practitioner training and Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from The Ohio State University. In her studies she learned how to analyze research evidence and translate best practices to the care she provides others. She has opened her own business that specialize in community health and wellness. She has experience as an Ohio State University professor teaching and doing research on her Keto Prescribed TM evidence-based practice project that is a community based healthy thinking and eating program. The combination of her business, research and practice experience bridges the gaps in care through coordinating community, clinical and client needs in an innovative approach to deliver well-care. She volunteers at non-profit rural clinics in Ohio and is currently pursuing specialty training in psychiatric nursing. Hobbies include outdoor activities, playing golf and video games with her family and friends.

Indira upreti Shrestha

Office Manager

Indira upreti Shrestha is our office manager at Rutland-Dryer Integrated Health. She started her career as medical assistant in 2016 and bring 5 years of experience on patient care, patient education and health care administration. She is passionate about patient care and making a difference in the community as she has served a very diverse community in Columbus.

She grew up in Nepal and she moved to USA in 2012 with the dream to work as a health care professional and social worker. Indira has helped on educating the importance of health in Bhutanese – Nepalese community and has built strong relationships of trust in community.